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Babies from birth to 15 months are provided with a program that meets their needs for physical comfort and care, emotional security, early socialisation and language development.

The beginning of socialisation occurs in the infant room, when the child notices the other children. Language development is enriched by our educators who speak frequently to the children and read to them each day.

As the child grows, their learning materials are adapted to their more complex abilities, and children who can sit are introduced to blocks, sorting and stacking toys, while young walkers are encouraged to play with table toys and push toys. Music is an important tool for development, socialisation and linguistic skills at every stage and is incorporated into the children’s program.


At this age, the children are introduced to activities that will help them to express themselves by experimenting with sound, colours, textures and shapes. Their imagination knows no bounds and we encourage them to use it as well as help the children to understand their emotions and develop their relationship with other children through empathy and concern.

We ensure that their days will be filled with things to explore, adventures to be had and friends to play with in an environment that celebrates the diversity and innovation of their imaginations.

Junior Kindy

In our Junior Kindy rooms you will find a fully balanced day with tons of imaginative activities and play. The children are in an atmosphere of care and a reassuring routine where they can learn through a balance of teacher –facilitated activities and playing in an stimulating environment with their peers.
Many self-help skills are introduced to the children through daily routines and cooperative play. The children are also encouraged to be vocal in order to help to enhance their language development.

Kindergarten (Pre-prep)

In this room, children grow and learn at a fast pace; they are excited and challenged by the new world they are discovering. Kindergarten children want to touch, taste, smell, hear, discover and experiment with the things around them.

This exciting age of adventure is encouraged, under the guidance and care of our qualified Early Childhood Teacher. The Government Approved Kindergarten Program is provided.

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